Below are sites that I developed while working for Verizon, I have taken screen shots of the sites and added links to the actual sites if they still exist. While working for Verizon, the sites were created using a third party tool called NXG. I customized and changed all my sites from the existing templates to facilitate the customer's originality.

Click Here To view Verizon Job Responsibilities. This link will display my full job description of duties.

or click the "Verizon Slideshow" menu item to view a slideshow of all gallery pages. Then click on "Auto" and it will automatically run the slideshow. To view individual gallery pages, click the page numbers 1 through 5. Click the blue title under the image to view the actual online website.


Hart Electric Co.


Paul F. Guthrie

Gulfport Veterinarian


Gulf Coast Surplus



Galenio Orthodontics

The Foot & Leg Specialty Center



Fox Tax Service


Fairfax Dietetics

Elite Electronics


East Lake Painting

East Kentucky Moving


Eusebio G. Salud, MD

Discover World Learning Center


Massage Therapy Diane Dill

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