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At Raymond James I held the position of Web Administrator,  Duties included the following below:

·      Develop, maintain and expand public web sites, firm-wide intranet and individual financial advisor sites. Continuing to use HTML and CSS with SiteCore/Foundry. Other applications utilized were Workamajig and Google Analytics. Follow established procedures. Locate, select and apply appropriate procedures, processes and techniques. Resolve most questions and problems. Routine contact with internal and external customers.
·      Designed, maintained and managed internet websites following established processes to create html-based websites on time. Also responsible for completing web maintenance tasks and processing/closing of old migrated site.
· Used content management software SiteCore/Foundry to develop and publish websites, analyze and refine workflows, and detect system flaws.
· Used web editing software to hand-code HTML and CSS style sheets and documents. Utilized Bootstrap within SiteCore for responsive website design.
· Conceptualized and designed materials creatively, accurately and on time using old websites and Advisor submitted form requests.
·  Manipulated and designed webpage design elements to work on highly visible company web sites. Utilizing Accordions, Tabbed Sliders Link Sections, Blogs and Photo Gallery’s when creating attractive website pages.
·  Utilized graphics software Adobe CC suite of products including Dreamweaver, Photoshop to manipulate/convert/create/edit graphic image files, logos and animated gifs.
·      Used organizational and time management skills to prioritize workload, handle multiple tasks, and meet deadlines.
·  Utilized my detail orientation skills to ensure quality standards are met. Analyzed business processes and recommended solutions.
·  Worked independently and in a team environment and used good judgment in making decisions to establish and maintain effective working relationships. Used my knowledge and trained in co-worker to be able to assist in the migration process.
·  Provided a high level of customer service with use of effective oral and written communication skills.
·  Used Microsoft Office suite of products, and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to combine multiple documents for website history pdfs.
·  Operated office equipment to produce correspondence, reports, electronic communication, and spreadsheets.
·  Proofread and edited copy; prepare reports, summaries and written recommendations.
·  Preformed website updates/changes through Service Now tickets.
  To view sites created at Raymond James please contact me for the links.

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