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At Countryside Publishing, Co. Inc. I held the position of Internet Assistant ManagerWeb/Multimedia Production Designer. Duties included assisting the Internet Manager in the daily production process and other duties as needed. For seven months I was the only person in the web department and when my manager was hired on I trained him as well as two new team members the process that was presently in place for the department.

Other duties included assigning projects and overseeing team members daily progress and productivity. I purchased and maintained all domain name URL's and hosting accounts as well as kept all records for customers and Countryside Publishing.

While managing my daily workload to achieve effective productivity I also maintained daily spreadsheet reports to reflect incoming and outgoing projects of productivity. I entered notes into customers database records after contact for company wide communications. I Interacted with managers, team members and customers throughout the fulfillment process to ensure complete customer satisfaction as well as to maintain a harmonious and pleasurable working atmosphere.

The following process was used in creating the Websites and CD-Roms:

·      Use of customer’s brochure materials, graphic images, logos, photos and text content to develop web sites/CD-Rom’s interfaces within established standards.
·      Design and create original graphics and manipulate artwork to create backgrounds for custom template based web sites and interactive CD-Rom’s.
· Create web sites and code html pages with tables, cells, div’s and CSS using Adobe CS3 products Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver.
· Create Photo galleries for web sites and interactive CD-Rom’s using Adobe Flash CS3 and XML.
· Create Meta tag description and keywords for search engine optimization for web sites.
·  Proofread web sites/CD-Rom’s to ensure accuracy, spelling and grammar.
·  Upload finished web sites to server using Dreamweaver or Ipswich Ws_ftp.
·      Create and code interactive CD-Rom’s using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for backgrounds and Flash CS3 for interactivity. Authored animation, sound, and video into interactive CD-Roms.
·  Burn finished CD-Rom’s to CD using Windows Sonic or Easy CD Creator.
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