Below are sites that I developed while working for Countryside Publishing. The first 3 sites I created for the company itself. I have taken screen shots of the sites and added links to the actual sites if they still exist. Click on the green site name and it will take you to the online site. At Countryside I used Adobe CS3 Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash. Sites were created using 4 or 5 page templates that I created and customized for the client. A few of the sites were 10 or more pages which utilized flash animations.

Click Here To view Countryside Job Responsibilities. This link will display my full job description of duties.

or click the "Countryside Slideshow" menu item to view a slideshow of all gallery pages. Then click on "Auto" and it will automatically run the slideshow. To view individual gallery pages, click the page numbers 1 through 4. Click the blue title under the image to view the actual online website.

Countryside Publishing


Alliance Publishing

Gov Hot Zone


Grant Homes

J & J Builders


Quantum Enterprises

Regal Townhomes


Seattle Paint & Drywall

Tabor Development


The V Bar

Wagoner Custom Homes


Chadwick Homes

Qual-I-Tee Builders


Joseph Grantham

Thiel & Sons


Cornerstone Contractors

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